Trust Pharmacy Review – Recognizable Store Network with Cheap Products and Excellent Service

Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders

Trust Pharmacy is not your typical heavy-on-graphics pharmacy network. Instead of being imposing and glaring, the stores involved in the Trust Pharmacy network are rather modest and inconspicuous in terms of a template.

All of the Trust Pharmacy shops look identical—they all have the same name and contents but they differ in their web addresses. Customers are sometimes apprehensive of stores like these, but they should not be since stores like Trust Pharmacy are well certified and are absolutely safe to use.

However, since networks like Trust Pharmacy involve having several identical-looking websites with different domain names, consumers are encouraged to be aware of the existence of scam sites duping consumers using fake duplicates of legit web pharmacy networks.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

Customer reviews are essential to those wanting to evaluate a certain online drugstore or a web pharmacy network like Trust Pharmacy. In order to determine if Trust Pharmacy shops are excellent to use, we searched for customer testimonials for the Trust Pharmacy shops and came across the comments in the image below:

Trust Pharmacy Testimonials
Trust Pharmacy Testimonials

Buyers were amazed at the good service rendered them by Trust Pharmacy. According to one consumer, he had no delivery concerns involving the shop and his package usually arrived within 10 days. He also mentioned that every product he received from the store (he ordered two times) were of “good quality”.

One consumer had a very brief comment for one Trust Pharmacy store and only commented on the store’s shipping. According to him, the shop had a fast shipping turnaround for his order. Since the user had a good comment for the shipping, we have good reason to believe that all went well.

Another consumer also gave a good remark for Trust Pharmacy and said that the shop she used had everything she wanted. She even commented on the shop having good prices for the medicines, hence her positive review for the store.

All in all, customers trust the Trust Pharmacy stores and gave the shops stellar reviews full of appreciation and good reports.

Trust Pharmacy Online

The Trust Pharmacy online drugstores have the same everything (except for their web addresses) so evaluating just one Trust Pharmacy store is as good as looking at all of them. Based on the information shared by the Trust Pharmacy shops, the network has been running for nearly two decades to date and have expanded their reach even to international countries.

Consumers were encouraged to trust the Trust Pharmacy stores because of their credibility—the Trust Pharmacy stores are all approved by the CIPA and the MIPA, which are two Canada-based organizations for online drugstores. Apart from all of this, buyers are also confident of the quality of the medicines they will receive from Trust Pharmacy considering they are all approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which makes them reliable and safe to consume by the patients.

One Trust Pharmacy Store
One Trust Pharmacy Store

All of the Trust Pharmacy websites are easy to use—consumers are not obliged to sign up or create their own accounts before ordering anything from the website. Customers are also free to purchase their medicines from Trust Pharmacy even without a prescription, although the store warns the consumers about having adverse effects as the result of using the medicines without the proper advice of the doctors.

As for the product line-up of the Trust Pharmacy shops, buyers can purchase almost every drug they need from the store since the shops have stocks of medicines for a wide variety of uses. Consumers can have prescription and non-prescription items from the stores, for the following medical conditions:

  • Heart disease
  • Depression
  • Skin care
  • Impotence
  • Fertility
  • Bacterial infections

Besides the following mentioned medical conditions, consumers are also given access to herbal products and supplements, which are usually not available at web pharmacies. Consumers can pay for their orders on any Trust Pharmacy shop using credit and debit cards. t

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are not yet available on any Trust Pharmacy at the moment, but the shop is offering several deals for the consumers to enjoy. Here are some of the deals available for the consumers of any Trust Pharmacy store:

  • Free pills on every purchase
  • More pills for larger orders
  • Special discounts (10% off) purchases greater than $200
  • Free shipping for orders at least greater than $200
Sample Cart with Promotional Offers on Trust Pharmacy
Sample Cart with Promotional Offers on Trust Pharmacy

Although there were not present coupon codes or discounts from any Trust Pharmacy store, consumers are still entitled to a number of buyer discounts and other ways to mitigate buyer costs. Apart from the deals mentioned above, buyers are given special prices for their orders—buyers with large-scale purchases are given more discounts than consumers with the bare minimum orders.

Trust Pharmacy Phone Numbers

Buyers will find Trust Pharmacy phone numbers available for use at the Trust Pharmacy sites, unlike most online pharmacies that only have a “ticketing system” for the inquiries, where consumers are to get a reservation for customer assistance.

Consumers can use the following numbers to reach out to Trust Pharmacy:

  • +17184879792 (US)
  • +442032397092 (UK)

Besides the phone numbers, the shop is also offering an email support option for consumers who do not prefer speaking to customer service representatives.

Trust Pharmacy Spam and Phone Calls

In order to verify if Trust Pharmacy stores were able to perform excellently during the past or if the shops vexed the consumers by incessantly calling them or mail spamming them. However, no such reports of spam existed for Trust Pharmacy stores, which made it perfectly clear that the shops were benign.


Trust Pharmacy shops are recognized for their cheap prices and good service. The stores had no reviews of the odious kind, hence indicating buyer appreciation for the shops’ performance. Overall, Trust Pharmacy stores seem recommendable enough, hence our rating of 5 out of 5 points for this network. However, we must warn you regarding possible impostor stores—consumers should be careful in dealing with network pharmacies so they would refrain from running into site copycats. For a rundown of reliable drugstores, you can use our TOP Vendors list.

Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders

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