Pharmacy Mall Review – Low Prices, Reliable Shipping, And Helpful Support Are What You Should Expect Here

Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders

Pharmacy Mall, as most of you may not know yet, is called a pharmacy network. A pharmacy network like Pharmacy Mall, like most of the drugstore networks around, is composed of several websites bearing the same store name (Pharmacy Mall) and the same content (products, prices, policies—everything), but with different domain names.

For some, encountering stores having the same appearance but different web addresses may seem troubling, but it’s actually perfectly fine—websites involved in pharmacy networks are benign and safe to use. Web pharmacy networks like Pharmacy Mall have secured the necessary approvals and are functioning legitimately, which should make them perfectly safe to use by consumers.

Pharmacy Mall Website Shop
Pharmacy Mall Website Shop

Buyers have successfully bought their medicines from Pharmacy Mall stores during the past years, so there should be no cause for trepidation in buyers. However, it should be known that scam artists usually target buyers by creating traps made of network pharmacy store clones—scammers create stores that mirror otherwise harmless online drugstores to lure buyers. Customers should be educated about the real stores and the clone sites so they can avoid running into scammer-recreated trap pharmacies.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Customer comments help other buyers in evaluating a shop they’ve never been to. Reviews help the buyers make sound purchase decisions based on the previous experience of other buyers, that’s why we find it pertinent to search for reviews of any Pharmacy Mall website.

Pharmacy Mall Testimonials
Pharmacy Mall Testimonials

Fortunately, we were able to come across buyer testimonials for the network sites—there were plenty of customer reviews so we’ve narrowed down the customer comments to the most common “themes” of the buyer testimonials for Pharmacy Mall websites:

  • Fast shipping – Customers of Pharmacy Mall websites were grateful for the fast transit times of the products. Buyers wrote that they were happy about receiving their items faster than anticipated and made it a point to let others know that they plan to order again from the shops.
  • Cheap medicines – Buyers struggling to get by with their medicines were more than thankful for the Pharmacy Mall shops they’ve been to—they were happy with the total savings they had as a result of choosing Pharmacy Mall stores.
  • Excellent quality products – Despite the low prices of the medicines sold by Pharmacy Mall shop, medicines were effective and accomplished what they were meant to in the patients. Buyers exclaimed about how effective the medicines were and also related that the medicines were as potent as their brand name counterparts.
  • Responsive support team – Buyers were also grateful to Pharmacy Mall support team because of their fast response time and their helpfulness when it comes to consumer orders. Some buyers had their own unique experiences with Pharmacy Mall support, which included the staff personally assisting the customers with their order glitches.

Pharmacy Mall Online

No matter what the web address of Pharmacy Mall stores, they look 100% similar—they all have this modest but well-packed store with almost every drug you can think of. All Pharmacy Mall stores feature brand and generic medicines arranged alphabetically and according to their target medical conditions. Although this is the case, the stores still featured a “bestseller” page where the commonly bought products are featured.

Pharmacy Mall stores all feature the network’s pride: 1,000,000 million customers served since 1997. Not all online pharmacies have the staying power that Pharmacy Mall websites have, which means that the store’s long service history is quite commendable. Most drugstores nowadays are only able to last more or less a year for some reason, so Pharmacy Mall being able to last more than a decade is a great feat.

Pharmacy Mall Website
Pharmacy Mall Website

Customers can find a lot of products on Pharmacy Mall sites. Buyers can purchase medicines for the following:

  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Skin care
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Heart medicines
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Fertility

According to Pharmacy Mall shops, the medicines featured on every Pharmacy Mall website are certified safe and effective to use by the FDA. Buyers can purchase the medicines on Pharmacy Mall stores even without prescriptions, but customers should be responsible enough in making sure that they are fit to take the medicines they are planning to source from the Pharmacy Mall e-stores.

Shipping typically takes 2-3 weeks and costs $9.95, but buyers can opt for a faster shipping option that only takes 3-9 days but costs $20.

Buyers can pay for their orders using specific credit cards—customers can rest assured that their financial information is secured through SSL encryption.

If orders arrive damaged or if they go missing, buyers can request for replacements or refunds. They can process their replacements or refunds by contacting the support team.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

Pharmacy Mall stores offer several buyer deals for customers including the following:

  • Free shipping – Buyers are given free shipping for orders at least $200. Customers can also have free express shipping if their orders exceed $300.
  • Complimentary pills – Regardless of their orders, customers of Pharmacy Mall shops are given freebie pills each time they order from the stores.
  • Special discounts – Orders exceeding $200 are automatically given 10% off.
  • Bulk order discounts – Higher quantity orders get the best (lowest) prices.
  • Coupons – During special occasions (holidays and the like), Pharmacy Mall shops publish buyer coupon codes entitling buyers to 5-10% discounts on their orders.

Pharmacy Mall Phone Numbers

To contact Pharmacy Mall shops, buyers simply need to visit the contact page and send a free email using the websites’ messaging integration. Consumers who need immediate responses to their inquiries, however, can call Pharmacy Mall using its phone numbers published on the Pharmacy Mall sites.

Pharmacy Mall Spam and Phone Calls

Fortunately, buyers can rest assured that they will not be scammed or spammed by Pharmacy Mall stores—the shops did not have negative reviews on the web, unlike other online drugstores that have blatant customer complaints all over the web.


The time-tested online drugstore network, Pharmacy Mall, is still one of the good stores to use for online drug purchases. Low prices, reliable shipping, and helpful support team are the ones you can expect from the Pharmacy Mall e-stores. Because of this, we’re rating the Pharmacy Mall network 5 out of 5 points.

Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders

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