Filagra Side Effects and Complaints

Filagra Professional Pack
Filagra Professional Pack

Filagra is a generic medicine that is used to treat sexual problems in males. It is a cheaper version of Viagra and is claimed to work with the same efficacy and ability. Sildenafil citrate is the basic component of this drug which is a potent as well as a selective inhibitor of an enzyme known as phosphodiesterase type 5. The drug works by producing relaxation in the smooth muscles along with the tissues of the male reproductive organ.

The manifestation of Filagra can be proven by an increase in the blood flow towards the penis which ensures that the person consuming it experiences harder and firmer erections. The drug is available in different strengths and the customers can choose any of them according to his disease. It is an orally active medicine which is said to be associated with a number of side effects which are generally linked to the presence of sildenafil in it. Since it is an inexpensive drug, the majority of the people suffering from erectile dysfunction are able to afford it for a long time which marks for the popularity of this drug.

Filagra Action

Filagra consists of sildenafil citrate in its composition which belongs to the class of agents that work by inhibiting the pharmacological action of phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme. Phosphodiesterase type 5 is an enzyme which is normally present in the penis as well as the prostate gland in males. In these glands, the enzyme is responsible for degrading a substance known as cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP) which is produced by the virtue of nitric oxide in the penis of a person upon sexual stimulation. When administered into the body, sildenafil acts to improve the effects of nitric oxide by blocking the action of PDE5 and producing relaxation among the penile muscles. It must be kept in mind that the sildenafil citrate does not have any direct relaxing effect on the penis but sets in action a chain of events which produce relaxation in the corpus cavernosum by collaborating with each other. When a person who has taken sildenafil citrate gets sexually stimulated, nitric oxide is produced in the penile tissue which together with an increased level of cGMP (due to sildenafil) causes relaxation in the muscles and vasodilation in the arteries leading towards the penis resulting in an erection.

Effects of Filagra on Body

Filagra has a couple of effects on the body due to which it is indicated in certain conditions in order to treat them. First of all, it is a typical drug which is taken when a person is suffering from an abnormality in his normal sexual health. It not only treats erectile dysfunction but also resolves other problems related to it like disorders related to ejaculation. Use of Filagra also boosts up the confidence of the person who has been failing repeatedly in sexually satisfying his partner. Filagra makes the patient regain his stamina and participate in a sexual intercourse for the long duration of time. It improves the quality of life helps in restoration of normal sexual health.

How and When to Consume Filagra

Filagra is indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and since it has sildenafil citrate in its composition, it is best for the patient to utilize it some time before participating in an anticipated sexual activity. Filagra is available in the form of film coated conventional tablets which are only advised to be taken via the oral route. The drug is instructed to be swallowed with the help of plain water or any other beverage preferably non-alcoholic in nature. Tablets should not be chewed, broken down, crushed or sucked on as it can cause irritability in the throat of the person using it. Filagra must be consumed at least 30 to 60 minutes prior to having a sexual intercourse because it requires time to trigger its therapeutic effects in the body. Consuming a meal rich in fats just before taking Filagra is also not recommended because this can slow down the process of absorption of the drug and can ultimately cause a delay in production of its effects. One tablet is enough for a day to experience the desired benefits. The patient must keep it in mind that consuming more than one tablets of Filagra will not cause an augmentation in the clinical benefits of this drug and instead can result in an overdose which can prove to be extremely dangerous. Hence, the patient should not exceed the recommended dose and must also not consume two doses without having a sufficient interval in between.

Drug Interactions and Recommendation of Filagra

A consultation with a doctor is advised for Filagra to let him know about all the products that the patient is currently using. This is because Filagra has a capacity to interact with certain other drugs if taken simultaneously producing dangerous effects which might become fatal. The most serious interactions are said to occur with Filagra and any other medicine contacting sildenafil that is meant to treat erectile dysfunction as well. This combination can be deadly because both drugs can add up to exacerbate the negative effects of the drug. In addition to this, a combination of nitrates and Filagra is also not safe because both of these agents are having hypotensive effects and can interact with each other to produce excessive hypotension in the body. Other drugs that can cause the same effects in the body when taken along with Filagra are the recreational drugs for example amyl nitrate and amyl nitrite. The patients can also suffer from an extreme drop in the blood pressure by consuming Filagra with certain drugs with alpha blocking effects like prazosin and doxazosin. Certain antibiotic drugs like clarithromycin and erythromycin can also interact with this ED treating drug hence, both should not be used together. Other drugs that can indulge into a drug interaction with Filagra include amiodarone, amlodipine, and isoniazid. Drugs for the treatment of HIV and AIDS such as ritonavir can also cause a threat of cross reaction with Filagra in addition to drugs like carbamazepine and phenytoin which are used to treat seizures. Lastly, cimetidine, bosentan, imatinib and azole anti-fungal drugs should not be used tagged with Filagra as this can be dangerous to the patient.

Customer Complaints Regarding Filagra

Though Filagra has been regarded as an effective agent in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and other associated problems, it is worth noticing that the drug has received a lot of bad reviews from the pool of customers. Each of these customer reviews was specifically pointing out about the side effects that were experienced by the customers during the duration of therapy with Filagra.

A customer named Smith said in his review that he was “not at all impressed” by the working of Filagra mainly because of the side effects it brought along with it. He mentioned in his review that he had to suffer from an “over-crowded nose” just after 3 to 4 days of using Filagra. He also said that he had to suffer from flu about which he was sure that it was due to the use of Filagra in the first place. He did not mention at all about the working or efficacy of Filagra rather focused on the negative aspect.

Another customer named Tyler shared his experience with Filagra in which he experienced a severe headache right after consuming Filagra for the first time. He also said that his vision got “slightly blurred” and termed both of these as negative effects of Filagra and not work related as these occurred right after he took it in the first place. He too did not tell how Filagra turned out for him in improving his sexual dysfunction hence, he seemed quite unhappy with the results.Filagra Feedback

Filagra Testimonials
Filagra Testimonials


Reviews derived from another website named were also mixed in terms of customer satisfaction in which some people were extremely happy with the results that were produced by Filagra while some were disappointed to the core.

Filagra Customer Review
Filagra Customer Review

An indifferent customer made his small review in which he just mentioned that he did not find Filagra to be any “different” than other ED medicine which proves that it did not work out well for him. Another customer gave a detailed review in which he mentioned how Filagra “worked well” for him initially with a minor headache as the only side effect but later on the side effects got more severe. He said that Filagra still helped him in getting erections but produced “migraines” and “stomach pains”. He concluded by saying that he didn’t find the efficacy greater than its side effects and had to switch to another drug.


It can be said that the working efficiency and side effects of Filagra are not the same for every person. It works like magic for some, while for others it just brings more side effects to the body. There is no information as to why it differs in its working so much, hence, it is up to the customers to try it out and find how it works for them. However, it is better to switch to those drugs which are proven to be less toxic to the body instead of taking chances with this drug.

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