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Filagra is a generic form of a renowned medicine known as Viagra. It consists of the same active pharmaceutical agent i.e. sildenafil citrate in its composition. It is a prospective generic alternative for erectile dysfunction and is prescribed by the doctors to men older than 18 years of age. It is used by a large number of men belonging to different areas of the world and produce great results provided it is used properly. What makes it convenient to use is the fact that it is available in different strengths and potencies providing the customers a lot of options to choose from. The drug is basically produced in India and many of the companies that are involved in its manufacture claim that it can be used in females in order to treat their sexual dysfunction as well.

Filagra Professional by Fortune Healthcare
Filagra Professional by Fortune Healthcare

How Filagra Works

The normal physiological mechanism of action by which an erection is achieved revolves around the discharge of nitric oxide (NO) within the corpus cavernosum of the penis during the time when a person is sexually stimulated. NO once produced activates an enzyme that is known as guanylate cyclase, which is responsible for increasing the levels of (cGMP), cyclic guanosine monophosphate in the penile tissue. High levels of cGMP in the penis ultimately produce relaxation of the smooth muscles in the corpus cavernosum and allows more blood to flow towards it. Filagra affects a person suffering from ED by enhancing the effect of nitric oxide by stopping the action of an enzyme that is known as type 5 phosphodiesterase (PDE5). This enzyme normally breaks down cGMP in the penile tissue and prevents the person from getting an erection. Filagra does not directly acts to produce relaxation in the penis but stops PDE5 which causes accumulation of cGMP and leads to powerful erections. Filagra works best on a person who is already stimulated sexually.

Indications of Filagra

Because it has sildenafil citrate in its composition, Filagra is extensively used to treat problems related to the sexual health in males. The drug actively works to help the patients acquire harder and firmer erections. It reduces the flaccidity of the erection and ensures that the patient using it reaches towards the climax. In addition to this, it also enhances the feelings and sensations of the person during sexual intercourse. It must be kept in mind that Filagra is not aphrodisiac in nature and it just makes it easier for a person to smoothly proceed through a sexual act. Filagra is also claimed to work in females suffering from an inability to get aroused sexually. It helps these females to achieve an orgasm more easily and improves the quality of their lives.

Duration and Speed of Action of Filagra

Once it is administered in the body, Filagra needs some time to activate itself and produce the desired effects. Therefore, it is advised to take Filagra about 30 to 45 minutes prior to participating in a sexual activity. This allows Filagra to express itself fully and provide maximum results in the patient using it. The effects of a single dose of Filagra is claimed to last for 4 to 6 hours in females. However, the effects of this drug are said to last for a much longer time in males i.e. up to 12 hours. Therefore, one pill of Filagra is usually sufficient on a daily basis. It is, however, important to remember that Filagra does not start working right away and half an hour should be given to it for experiencing better performance in a sexual activity.

The dosage of Filagra

Filagra is available in one formulation only i.e. film coated hard tablets. These tablets are meant to be taken orally with the help of a full glass of plain water. One tablet is enough for achieving the desired effects on a daily basis hence, Filagra can be considered as an economical drug. Filagra is commonly available in the form of 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg potency and the patient has an option to choose from these different strengths as per his requirements. In case the patient feels like Filagra is not working for him, he can increase the dose from once per day to higher doses after consulting with a doctor. The drug is also available in extended forms having the strength of 120 mg and 150 mg for those who require high performance. However, using Filagra in a limited quantity is advised in order to experience better results.

Drug Interactions

Filagra has a tendency to interact with certain drugs hence, it must only be used after properly consulting a doctor. The most commonly occurring cross-reactivity of this drug is with the nitrates. Certain nitric oxide donors for example nitrates, nitrites and nitroglycerin are strictly contraindicated during therapy with Filagra irrespective of their formulation. Because Filagra has direct effects on the NO-cGMP pathway, it can cause hypotension in the body by tagging up with nitrates risking the life of the patient. Alpha blockers such as prazosin and tamsulosin possess the same blood pressure lowering effect as Filagra. Therefore, there exist a risk of cross-reactivity when both agents are administered into the body simultaneously. Administration of a drug named amlodipine with Filagra also causes a decrease in the blood pressure. Certain drugs like ritonavir are inhibitors of the enzyme system of the liver called as CYP3A4 and if Filagra is taken along with any of these drugs, it can cause accumulation of Filagra in the body and exacerbate its adverse effects to dangerously high levels. Alcohol is usually not advised to be consumed along with Filagra as well for the risk of developing other complications.

Adverse Effects

Use of Filagra is associated with a number of side effects that vary from person to person according to his physical health. The most common adverse effects that can be seen during therapy with Filagra include a headache and flushing of different parts of the body like neck, face, and chest. The patient might complain about GI stress as well as an upset stomach. Indigestion can also be seen in some of them along with congestion in the nose. Some patients might observe changes in the visual acuity of one or both of their eyes. The ringing of ears and a partial loss of hearing are also reported by some people as side effects of Filagra. A backache, myalgia, and tenderness in muscles are often observed in people consuming this drug. In very rare cases, people using Filagra can attain unwanted erections which cause a lot of pain and are known as priapism if they last for more than 4 hours. On encountering any of these problems continuously for some time, the patient is advised to stop using Filagra immediately and contact a doctor right away

Filagra Fortune Healthcare

Filagra is currently being produced by a number of different pharmaceutical companies majority of which are located in India. Fortune Healthcare is one of them which has been able to successfully make its name among the top companies of India manufacturing Filagra. Fortune Healthcare was first established in the year 2009 in Gujarat, India. It is a pharmaceutical company that has been certified by ISO 9001:2000 involving in the manufacture and export of its manufactured products. The company specializes in generic medication and claims to be among the trusted pharmaceutical companies that deliver high-quality drugs at economic rates to the customers residing in different areas of the world. Different drugs belonging to various therapeutic areas of medicine care produced by Fortune Healthcare which includes anti- tuberculosis drugs, ayurvedic drugs, several antibiotics, antibacterial drugs, and products related to the veterinary health. The company claims that 40 of the products manufactured by it have gained approval in the Philippines and it is working hard to get more of them approved in other countries like Vietnam and other countries of Asia. Some of its products are also shipped to the United States. The company aims to contribute towards improving the quality of human life and encouraging a healthier society by supplying people with generic medication of premium quality at affordable rates. Fortune Healthcare also wishes to become a top pharmaceutical company with global recognition through its products.

Fortune Healthcare Website
Fortune Healthcare Website


Filagra is, undoubtedly, a good substitute of Viagra which can be bought at prices much cheaper than the branded medicine, hence, make it affordable to an average customer. The drug has the exact same ingredients as that in Viagra and follows the exact same mechanism of action in order to produce its therapeutic effects as well. Side effects that are mostly observed during therapy with Filagra are mild and consist of all those symptoms that are seen while using any drug meant for treating erectile dysfunction. Additionally, Filagra is available in so many different strengths and the patient has an option to choose whichever potency he likes according to the severity of his disease. Hence, it can be said that Filagra is a good generic version of Viagra and can definitely be considered for treating erectile dysfunction when other remedies have failed to work.

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