Filagra 25 Review: Good Medication with Insufficient Market Recognition

Filagra 25 by Fortune Healthcare

Filagra 25 is a comparatively less potent version of Viagra as it contains 25mg of sildenafil citrate as compared to 100mg of Viagra. The brand has not been enjoying popularity but has been used very effectively in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. It is available in many different dosage forms like hard tablet, chewable form and in the oral jelly form. Tablets can only be taken with plain water only. As 40% of the people above age 40 are diagnosed with ED, Filagra 25 is highly recommended for the elderly persons if they are suffering from some sexual problems. The drug is not to be used with the pills containing nitrates. Many antibiotics are also contraindicated with Filagra 25.

About Fortune Healthcare

Fortune Healthcare on a Map
Fortune Healthcare on a Map

Fortune Healthcare is a pharmaceutical company which has been producing medications for many diseases like erectile dysfunction, alopecia, ADHD and some bacterial infections. Although all these drugs are available in the market, the company is famous for producing erectile dysfunction medications majorly. Some of the best sellers are Filtrate Siltrate, Fildagra, and Tadalista. These drugs contain sildenafil citrate as their active ingredient. Some other products by this company include chemicals like tadalafil, vardenafil, finasteride, azithromycin, dutasteride, atomoxetine and azithromycin. All of these drugs are claimed to be produced under the strict laws of FDA. The quality of these medications is ensured according to the international standards as laid by the regulatory bodies. As their plant is FDA approved, it is ensured that not a single pill against the laws of FDA. There has been no recent news about the banning of drugs of Fortune Healthcare which gives a clear impression that the company is very well controlled by the laws of FDA. The company produces generics only and claims that the users will save 40-90% on their medications as compared to other brands. Not only this, the company allows users to buy online from their site and entertains them by giving many attractive discounts. [1]

Scientific Studies on Sildenafil

In a research by Fermin Valenzuela et al titled as “Relative Bioavailability of Chewable and Conventional Film-Coated Tablet Formulations of Sildenafil 100 mg in Healthy Volunteers Under Fasting Conditions”, it was studied that how different formulations of sildenafil citrate affected its working and efficacy. This was achieved by directly comparing the effects of a chewable form of sildenafil citrate that was taken with or without using water with the conventional oral tablet of sildenafil taken with water. For this purpose, 30 healthy volunteers were selected whose ages ranged from 18 to 40 years. The subjects were to be given sildenafil in different formulations in fasting condition. The BMI of the volunteers was between 18 to 27 kilograms per square meter. The trials began by keeping the volunteers in a starving state overnight. They were later given sildenafil citrate orally in single dose but in three different formulations. These formulations included 100 mg of Viagra tablet with 250 mL of water, 100 mg chewable tablet of sildenafil citrate with 250 mL of water and 100 mg of chewable sildenafil citrate without water. The volunteers were instructed to chew the chewable forms completely until it becomes disintegrated before swallowing it. Therapy with each of these formulations was separated by a run-in period of one week. Out of 6 different combinations, each volunteer received 3 doses of any one combination of sildenafil citrate. Screening tests were carried out to check the health status of these test subjects based on their physical condition, medical history, laboratory reports and ECG reports. Also, blood sampling as done for each of these subjects prior to administering the drug as well as after administration of the drug at different intervals of time. The concentration of Sildenafil in plasma was also calculated using various techniques involving UV rays. The results were deduced. It was reported that film coated Viagra and chewable sildenafil produced same effects when taken with water. Their rate of absorption and elimination were the same. Chewable sildenafil taken without water showed an equivalence in the concentration of absorption but its rate of absorption was found to be slower. The adverse effect shown by three of these formulations were the same. Therefore, it was deduced that the chewable form of sildenafil must always be taken with water to experience same results as that produced by the film coated Viagra. [2]

Md. Abdus Salam et al supervised another research named “Study of in Vitro Interaction of Sildenafil Citrate with Bovine Serum Albumin by Fluorescence Spectroscopy. This research revolved around how sildenafil citrate reacted with serum albumin at different wavelengths. The technique used for this purpose was fluorescent emission spectroscopy. Two different wavelengths of Bovine Serum Albumin i.e. 280nm and 293nm were used. 298K and the 308K temperature were maintained to carry out the process. After setting up the apparatus, fluorescent emission spectra was determined under the conditions mentioned above. It was concluded from experimentation that two residues of BSA, which are tyrosine and tryptophan, reacted with sildenafil citrate (CS). Consequently, BSA-CS complexes are formed via hydrogen and hydrophobic interactions. It was also deduced that this binding took place in a molar ratio of 1:1. These complexes are temperature-sensitive and high temperatures bring instability to them. [3]

Description and Mechanism of Action of Sildenafil Citrate

Sildenafil is a potent inhibitor of the enzyme phosphodiester type which is required for the breakdown of the chemical messenger- cGMP. Due to the blockage of PDE5, cGMP levels start to increase which send signals to the smooth muscles of corpus cavernosum arteries to relax by allowing more nitrates to flow in. As the arteries relax it can be understood that blood flow to the male penile organ increases. This increased blood flow causes an enhanced and potent erection, thereby eliminating erectile dysfunction. [4]

Effects of Sildenafil Citrate

Sildenafil citrate, by its action of increasing the blood flow to the penile organ, is widely prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Filagra 25 contains a lesser quantity of sildenafil citrate and thus, can be used for a short period of time to remove the effects of erectile dysfunction in men. Filagra 25 has no effects on premature ejaculation, so the patients diagnosed with PE must use another medicine.

Recommended Doses and Duration of Therapy

Filagra 25 is not used for treatment or prophylaxis of erectile dysfunction in men. It is used only for the betterment of sexual life for a short duration of time. The medicine starts its action after 30-40 minutes of intake and will keep on giving effects for about 2 hours. After this, the natural state of sexual health will be restored and the patients will have to take another dose if required.

Side effects and Warnings

Filagra 25 is notorious for its side effects only due to the presence of Sildenafil citrate in it . Just like many other drugs for erectile dysfunction, Filagra 25 can cause upset stomach, stuffy nose, blurred vision and back pain. these side effects are generally not very harmful and are self-limiting. Some other major side effects include serious problems like prolonged erection, nausea, and vomiting for a longer duration or the persistence of any of the above-mentioned effects. It is highly recommended that the patients visit their physician if the problems persist for a longer duration. [5]

Drug Interactions

Filagra 25 can cause serious drug interactions with many widely prescribed medications. Some of these interactions can be overcome by using simple techniques, while other interactions are very serious and cause even death. Filagra 25 must be taken very carefully with cisapride, methscopolamine nitrate, nitroprusside, isosorbide dinitrate, nitroglycerin, revtio. Many commonly prescribed drugs for AIDS and hepatitis are also noted to cause serious side effects. Cimetidine and antibiotics are also advised not to be taken with Filagra 25 [6]

Customer Reviews

Filagra Consumer Report
Filagra Consumer Report

Customer reviews regarding Filagra are generally very limited. On a website named, some were to be found which were in favor of Filgra 25. A customer named Dale Spencer praised the working of this drug calling it a “great genuine medicine to rely on” after using 25 mg of Filagra for erectile dysfunction. [7]

Filagra Consumer Reviews
Filagra Consumer Reviews

On another review website called, there was also a high level of satisfaction seen among the customers who used filagra 25 mg. Derek Davis in his review pays his compliments to Filagra for his “smooth sexual journey” and tells how Filagra has given him “power to sustain harder erection”.He further tells how Filagra has helped in reminding him of his old days when he was young. He also expresses his satisfaction with this drug. Adam also gives his review after using Filagra, particularly focussing on the side effects. He informs how he used this drug a day before and how it ended up causing “no side effects at all”. [8]

Filagra 25 Price, Available Forms, and Dosage

Filagra Consumer Price
Filagra Consumer Price

Filagra 25 mg tablets can be ordered from The price per pill at this website is $2.90 so a pack of ten tablets is available at the price of $29.0. [9]

Filagra Consumer Price and Shippng
Filagra Consumer Price and Shippng

Filagra 25 mg can also be ordered from Shipping services involve two companies. A standard Airmail Service charges $10 to deliver the package to the USA, Canada, and Australia. Trackable Service charges more i.e. $30 and ships the product quicker than the other service.

Filagra is available in three different formulations which are the hard tablet, chewable form and the Filagra oral jelly. Filagra 25 mg is best suited to be swallowed with water without chewing. It is advised to take one dose per day and not to exceed this set point. Filagra oral jelly comes in different flavors like banana, butterscotch, etc. It consists of 100 mg of sildenafil citrate per pack. It is generally advised to consume one whole pack in a time span of 24 hours.

Conclusion and Rating

Filagra 25 mg is a comparatively less famous generic version of Viagra. The formulation of this pill as well as the active ingredient is just the same as any other ED medicine. It has sildenafil citrate in it that efficiently works to inhibit PDE5 enzyme to ensure harder and firmer erection. Side effect reported by the customers consuming it are the ones really common like a headache, flushing, nausea, etc. Nothing serious has been reported as an adverse effect of Filagra. As far as the customer reviews are concerned, I found them limited compared to other generic medicines. It must be kept in mind, though, that these reviews about Filagra are still quite positive. I could see a feeling of satisfaction in those reviews. The low cost of this drug is also a charm for me and many others who want something light on their pocket. Filagra 25 mg is easy to buy, available on possibly every other online pharmacy without having to show the doctor’s prescription. While it practically resembles Viagra in every possible effect, the manufacturing company of Filagra 25 mg made sure to introduce more affordable brand in the market. It also claims to be FDA approved. I would, therefore, give Filagra 25 mg 4 out of 5. This drug would not be the primary drug for erectile treatment but can be considered as a good choice.

Filagra 25 Wiki Facts

  • Brand: Filagra 25
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Fortune Healthcare
  • Country of Manufacture: India
  • Availability: USA, Italy, UK, EU, India, Netherlands, Canada

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